Mr. Sunil Kumar Mittal
(Managing Director)

Mr. Sunil Kumar Mittal fills in as the Managing Director of Roteck Equipment Ltd. Mr. Mittal is a second-age business person from the distinguished business group of Roteck Companies. For almost 28 years, Mr. Mittal has driven and guided the association's business advantages in materials, polymers, mechanical machines and he holds a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He additionally appreciates the qualification of holding licenses in the fields of compressors, drive belts.

Message From The Director's Desk

Our challenge has just started and it is still a long way to become as successful as we strive to be, but we believe our future is bright with our business. We are extending our presence, please contact us in regard to anything related to our core business. We will be more than happy to work with you to become successful together.
I attribute the success of this company to not only my team but also to the great partnerships and relation we share with our customers, dealers. We are also proud of the fact that we have created an endless partnership & relation with our customers with detail accelerated business that gives full commitment, Quality Services. Looking forward to a next many years along with you.

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