Electricity Board (Siemens/ABB PLC)

Roteck Equipment is leading the industry of Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers, Exporter and Distributors, Primary electrical segments utilize the world acclaimed brand Schneider, Simens and so forth, proficient wire input structure, solid capacity to analyze blame and secure naturally.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers
Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Air Filter (Germany MANN)

Proficient substantial air channel to guarantee the nature of bay Air and wellbeing of the air end, improved the life significantly.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Oil Filter (Germany MANN)

The proficiency is 20% higher than ordinary one, channel exactness up to 9 microns, ensure the air end better, and expand the administration life.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Three Grade Air and Oil Separator (Germany MANN)

Worked in high efficiency air and oil separator center, to guarantee the oil substance of packed air underneath 3PPM, fix and supplant effectively, great fixing, bearing high weight.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Motor (Jiangtian, Qingjiangļ¼Œsame quality as Sullair of USA)

Utilizing surely understand brand superior engine assurance class IP54, F Class protection, SKF load bearing, higher proficiency than comparative items by 3%-5%.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Control Panel (Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish etc. available)

The Roteck Control System offers single-direct control and access toward your compacted air framework. With the improved in general demonstrative capacities to pinpoint administration needs, it is practically similar to having a worked in administration expert.;Roteck Integrated Multi-work Display and Control Features.
Package discharge pressure;
Total hours run;
Maintenance timer;
Time of day;
Fault indicator;
Reference diagram demonstrating service%;
Get Parts demonstrating at 20%;
Flashing LED at 10% remain;
Persistent warming if administration is past due.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Manufacturers

Intake Valve (Hoerbiger from Austria)

Automatically adjust based on gas consumption ,low
maintenance, good stability, large inlet air.

Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Unique air end from Germany and Italy, the ground-breaking heart chooses the elite of the entire machine, to ensure greater air limit, higher proficiency and longer lifespan. Precision machined rotors with duplex-decreased roller course.

Screw Compressor Spare Part Suppliers
Screw Compressor Spare Parts Suppliers

Sequential Cooling

Improves productivity, administration capacity and clamor level, Standard electronic no-misfortune channel valves improve effectiveness ,Independently-mounted, free-coasting air and coolant heat trades, Lowers release temperatures, altogether diminishing the vitality evacuate condensate in downstream air treatment.

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